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Body empowerment throughout my art

Why is body positivity so important to me to express throughout my art?

Painting for me is an emotional, expressive & spiritual experience where I can delve into the realms, light & dark of my whole self.

If I can help someone else to acknowledge and welcome their whole beautiful self through my painting, then it’s a job well done (and one that I love to do).

A portrait unveils every hidden nuance of my client, which until that point they were unable to see. It was there all along.

We are all by the beauty of nature completely unique & it might take someone else to open our eyes to our worthy place in the circle of life. I feel privileged to help return self confidence & self love to my wonderful clients.

We are all a bit broken but that is how the light gets in.

As a sufferer of body dysmorphia myself, I know how scary and hard it can be to not see yourself the way your body was created. I want to feel comfortable & beautiful in my own skin and I feel that painting others as I see them helps me too.

We’re bombarded with images & pictures of what are classed as ‘perfect’ bodies on a daily basis and this can have devastating effects on self confidence when we feel like we don’t measure up. I thoroughly enjoy creating portraits to celebrate & empower people which they can look at every day & feel good about themselves.

I offer these commissions at a reduced price, one shown below.

Above is a commission of a wonderful woman named Jaz who needed a little reminder of the beautiful woman that she is. Her review can be found here - “i recently asked mil after visiting the studio and falling in love with her paintings if she would do one for me. it didnt take massive amounts of time with it being a smaller painting which was amazing as i could have it asap! she contacted me throughout and kept me up to date on the progress which kept me super excited! i am beyond in love with this painting! it is something i will cherish forever! it makes me feel empowered and beautiful! its the first thing ill be putting up in my forever home! she has captured my essence so perfectly! the painting doesnt even have my face in but everyone still knows its me! thats how amazing this work is! i cannot thank her enough for doing it!”

If you’re interested in seeing yourself like this light again, or if I can help in any way, please press the button below to get in contact.

Mimi x


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