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Happy To Be Here

Mimi, NI Studios


These are some photographs I took a couple of years ago and I recently gave them a new lease of life. “Happy to be here” is a reflection of the comfort and strength I find in my own sadness, knowing that it is something just for me. It is also a reflection of a past relationship in which I would have done anything and equally let my partner do the same, so that I could be ‘loved’ by someone . I can see now that the veil has been lifted that this wasn’t love, and certainly not the love I deserved.

Being sad to me is my safe space where I find comfort and familiarity. “Happy to be here” is a reminder to myself that although I have felt trapped in my life, I have found a lamp within to light the way home. I know now that I deserve all the love, happiness and appreciation in the world. The title is a reminder to myself that I am no longer happy or willing to be in that place.

There is grace in being lost but more in being found.


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