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And I am Beautiful

Mimi, NI Studios, December 2020

Mono-print on cartridge paper, A2 sized

"And I am Beautiful" is a love letter to myself in a series of mono-prints I have created over the past year. Generally speaking, I use my mono-prints to express my emotions in a way that I feel safe and un-judged.

In juxtaposition to my general topics of discussion within my mono-prints, "And I am Beautiful" is the first (perhaps long overdue) positive affirmation of my thoughts and feelings.

I have heard time and time again through countless therapy sessions to say three things I love about myself in the mirror. Personally, this doesn't work for me; my self esteem isn't directly linked to my own thoughts about myself - it seems way bigger than just me. I cringe myself out saying three things I love about myself, almost putting me back in my teenage body stood in front of my class telling them 'three whacky things about myself'.

I wanted to combat this form of 'therapy' in a way that is a lot more integral to my own coping strategies; the main one being art. I wanted to create a piece of art that I can read everyday, reassuring and reminding myself of all of the things that I question regularly.

"And I am Beautiful" is a list of affirmations I need to remind myself of daily, and a reminder to be kind to myself, which I hope translates in to my viewers lives too,


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