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Jo's Art History Podcast

I was honoured to be invited to be part of Jo’s Art History Podcast, as I already am an avid listener . It was such a lovely experience and I enjoyed immensely talking about one of my favourite artists : Vincent Van Gogh.

We spoke about various episodes of his iconic life, some of which are well known and some which are not. I think the most well known view of him is regarding his poor mental health but he is so much more than that. His relationships including his supportive brother and the often fractious friendship with fellow artist Paul Gaugin. He had also spent time in an asylum in St Remy where he painted most notably Self-Portrait with Bandaged Ear. Possibly less well known was the great influence Japanese art, especially Japanese woodcuts made on him.

The pieces I highlighted were;

Starry Night


Self-Portrait with Bandaged Ear

You can listen to the podcast here!


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