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Two Heads With One Body

Mimi. Ni Studios

Mixed Media, A2

Two Heads with One Body is a duo of two mixed media pieces, around A2 in size.

I found creating these pieces of art to be a very cathartic release resonating with the feelings of poor mental health. It demonstrates the practice of second guessing yourself & the reality you find yourself in.

I, myself have struggled with poor mental health for as long as I can remember. One of my main symptoms is Disassociation, which is a mental process of disconnecting from one’s feelings, thoughts, memories or sense of identity. I often feel like I’m on the outside of myself looking in, more of an observer rather than a willing participant . I wanted to create a tangible piece of work in which I could pour my feelings into & set them free. I sometimes feel like part of me wants to run away , and the other part is trying to stay grounded.

The Wheel of time turns to reveal new beginnings. It’s a battle between two worlds but there are no winners or losers here. Both parts are equally valid. Seeing the goodness in yourself alongside the fractured pieces demonstrates a willingness to heal.

This is the ultimate self-love.


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