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Safe Bet

Mimi, NI Studios

May 2021

Mixed media on 21 X 28 Inch MDF

'Safe Bet' is about your emotions being so strong that they start to pour out in any way possible.

In any art, you can interpret what you want to see within it. However, as stated many times, I see myself as an autobiographical artist who uses their creation to process their emotions in a healthy way.

'Safe Bet' represents the almost suffocating impending sense of overwhelming range of emotions I feel, and how I feel how I have to put on a front for the majority of my life.

It's an ode to having to 'schedule in' when I can freely feel sad, and how this sometimes completely boils over and spills out in any way possible.

To represent this feeling accurately to my personal experience, I painted the stereotypical tears in blood to show the pain that this carries.

The overall composition is meant to represent looking at yourself in the mirror when you're having one of these moments.


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