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Frances Forever

Mimi, Ni Studios, September 2021

Around A2 in size. 30x42cm. Charcoal/pan pastel on cartridge paper.

"Frances Forever" is about feeling inadequate, but being at peace with it.

The title is based from my middle name. This is reflective of the meaning behind this piece, as what it is representing is a time in my life where I went by my middle name.

I feel as if I have spent a lot of my life running, people pleasing and trying not to let anyone down in any capacity. Of course this isn't realistic, and as human's, we are innately flawed.

This piece is a love letter to accepting myself for who I am, unapologetically, and a reminder that no matter how much I try to run; I am stuck with myself forever. The only person I will know for my entire life is me. I might as well try to like myself and accept my flaws.


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