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Home to resident artist Mimi...

Inside the artist studio & gallery you can expect to see Mimi's original & unique oeuvre plastered over the walls, available for sale.

Woman painting

Art with a difference



Art handmade

with love

We believe in

giving back

Ni Studios was founded through resident artist Mimi's passion for Art, after using it as a tool in life throughout her upbringing. In 2021 Ni Studios was born, as an independent woman-led brand launching in York, before relocating to our home in The Corn Exchange, Leeds.

All of the collections you discover at Ni Studios are original artwork, with prints also made by Mimi. The majority of her work is autobiographical, as she has often found comfort through the intangible (thoughts and feelings) being externalised. For example, Something's Wrong is a collection about suffering with chronic illnesses, 

The studio and gallery is designed to be a safe, inclusive and accessible space for everybody. We proudly partner with Mind Charity in both York and Leeds, from donating a portion of proceeds on certain pieces of work, to hosting exhibitions affiliated with Mind for fundraising.

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